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Baby Blankets

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Babies Love Our Soft Blankets!

They are fun to play with, soft, warm, comfortable, and a blanket will go wherever your baby goes.

At Annabell's Boutique, we have a wide assortment of fun blankets designed with your baby in mind.

Animal Prints are designed from the fun stripes of giraffes, leopards, and zebras. As your baby plays with the blanket, the stripes of the animals on the blanket seem to take on their own life providing hours of joyful play for your baby.

We also carry geometric shaped blankets which are made up of colorful dots. Each geometric blanket is unique with its multicolored dots randomly lined in rolls, covering the length and width of the blanket within the boundaries of a satin trim.

In addition to our animal prints and geometric blankets, Annabell's Boutique also carries patchwork blankets.   Each square of our patchwork blankets is carefully pieced together so they lay flat without puckering.

The patchwork blankets come in a variety of colors, and like all our blankets, they are soft, warm, comfortable year-round weight and made with soft minky fabric that includes a coordinating satin backing and trim.

Babies love our blankets and we are certain your baby will love our playfully designed blankets for years to come. 

Animal Print Blankets
Animal Print Blankets
Patchwork Blankets
Patchwork Blankets