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Our personalized baby blankets make wonderful gifts for all of your blessed family events. Whether you are buying a blanket for a baby's birth, christening, baptism, naming, bris or any other occasion, our personalized blanket is sure to become a family heirloom.

Measuring 30" x 40", these soft and cuddly blankets are personalized along the entire edging with information about your baby's birth including the date, place, time, weight and length, names of parents, siblings and pets. We can also include other information that is important to you if you like.

Our blankets are made of luxurious soft minky material with a soft, satin binding and backing that babies and infants love to rub between their fingers.

Available in five blanket colors with coordinating satin trim and backing.

 The blankets are machine washable and can be tumbled dry.

Our smaller Carry Along Blanket is an 18" x 18" square and is made of the same identical luxurious soft minky and satin material as our large blankets.

The Carry Along may be personalized with the baby's first name and a repeating phrase of your choice along the trim. 

Large Crib Blankets
Large Crib Blankets
Carry Along Blankets
Carry Along Blankets